"You can't trust him, He has no principles", said Trump's Sister

 Donald Trump's sister criticizes him over his behavior towards his responsibilities in a recorded shocking phone call. The sound clip went ahead of the impact points of the Democratic National Convention, during which Democrats and a few noticeable Republicans concentrated on encircling the 2020 political race as one about character and profound quality, as opposed to ideological approaches. They introduced Trump as a flippant egomaniac who is not suitable for President while promoting Biden as the image of tolerability and sympathy.

One of the most stunning claims in Too Much and Never Enough is that Trump paid somebody to take SATs for him so he could get admission to the University of Pennsylvania. This was exposed from a discussion Mary Trump had with Barry on Nov. 1, 2018. "He went to Fordham for one year [actually two years] and afterward he got into the University of Pennsylvania since he had someone take the tests," Barry told this to her niece. Barry said the individual who stepped through the exam for Trump was a man named Joe Shapiro. Trump was companions with a Joe Shapiro at Penn, however, he is expired and according to her widow, he never stepped through an examination for somebody.

The important thing here is that Joe Biden totally opposite to him and a well-deserved candidate for President

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