Zomato Delivery Guy Came For Delivery And Stole Puppy Of The Customer

Be alert from delivery guys when they come home, An incident in Pune may provide you a valid reason to stay alert and careful.
We always think about food delivery guys that their main focus is upon the delivery of food on time, take cash from customer and leave.

A Zomato delivery guy (Tushar) in Pune came to deliver the food but along with cash he also took away the customers pet. He kidnapped the customer's dog.
In order to show their anger and grievance the Pune couple decided to express their feelings on social media.
Nikita Jain: The couple posted that the incident took place on Monday noon when Vandana Shah (the owner) found their dog, named, Dottu, missing from the Karve road. From the CCTV footage they found that their dog was last seen playing inside the home-cum-factory. After searching inside their premises for several hours, the owner then began to search for her dog in neighbourhood, from where, she came to know that their dog was seen with the delivery boy who works in the local eatery. The Puna couple then immediately rushed for the police complaint against the delivery guy.
The couple then took the number of Tushar (delivery boy) and asked him about Dottu (their pet). Tushar confessed for picking up the dog and when asked to return the dog, he started making excuses such as, he has sent the dog to his village etc., and then finally switched off his mobile phone.
The Puna couple has also made their complaint to the Zomato Customer Care who reassured the couple that such action is unacceptable.
Below The Picture Posted By Owner On Their Social Media
Mrs Shah uninstalled the Zomato app and is still waiting for some action as her pet 'Dottu' is still went missing and untraceable.

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