UFC Fighter Cain Velasquez Debuts WWE and Attacks Brock Lesnar

After the beatdown from Brock Lesnar On Monday Night Raw, Mysterio didn't come alone, in any case, as he was flanked by long-term companion Velasquez at the highest point of the incline. Velasquez took off his shirt, hit the ring and started pulverizing Lesnar on the tangle until the new WWE champion withdrew. Lesnar prodded getting again into the ring for to a greater extent a fight, however, in a run of the mill heel style, the "Beast Incarnate" needed no piece of it.

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A rematch of around nine years back this month, when Velasquez vanquished Lesnar for the UFC title in Anaheim, Calif., will occur next in a World Wrestling Entertainment ring.

Velasquez and WWE settled for a match, and it was set up Friday night on FOX's introduction of WWE Smackdown.

Lesnar first vanquished WWE champion Kofi Kingston with an F-5 in only seven seconds, a shock since a few minutes were left in the show. By then, the covered Rey Mysterio, who Lesnar had obliterated on Raw this past Monday in Phoenix, Ariz., turned out with his arm in a sling and had Velasquez with him. It was known WWE was attempting to put Lesnar versus Velasquez together, with the edge to be taken shots at the principal FOX appear. Velasquez had an arrangement with AAA for an Oct. 13 match in Los Angeles at the Forum, however that show was simply dropped because of low ticket deals. There were likewise catches in arrangements during the week.

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