Brock Lesnar Mercilessly Attacks Rey Mysterio and His Son

30th September, Monday Night Raw

Rey Mysterio commenced Raw this week in front of his upcoming title challenge against Seth Rollins. Mysterio expressed gratitude toward his child Dominick, who was situated ringside, for spurring him to procure this chance, yet he was immediately hindered by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. After Mysterio tore the mouthpiece away from Heyman before anybody could speak, Lesnar started to go on a brutal frenzy.

The massacre on account of the "Monster Incarnate" knew no restrictions. He conveyed numerous F5s and rough suplexes to Rey before directing his concentration toward Dominick. Rey's child was slammed into the ring post and ate various suplexes himself as Lesnar even battered the authorities who were endeavoring to separate the franticness. Over from business, Dominick was being stacked onto a gurney as Rey cried by him while saying 'sorry'. more than once. Afterward, Jerry Lawler educated us that Lesnar was being addressed by specialists in regards to the assaults.

Later on behind the stage, Heyman apologized for the assault however said not to accuse them. On the off chance that you need to accuse somebody, at that point fault Vince McMahon and the McMahon family for permitting Heyman to book Lesnar on the season debut of Raw realizing very well indeed that he's in battle mode with his WWE title coordinate against Kofi Kingston only four days away. Heyman said nobody can stop Lesnar, and offered the standard spoiler (not an expectation) that Lesnar will exit the prevailing, shielding, undisputed WWE world heavyweight champion when he crushes Kofi Kingston.


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