Brock Lesnar first Destroys Dominik, Son of Rey Mysterio then Rey Mysterio and Cain Velasquez

In this Session Of Friday Night Of Smackdown
Velasquez made a beeline for the ring with Mysterio for an in-ring promotion. Mysterio indeed discussed his child Dominick being assaulted by Brock Lesnar weeks back. Mysterio, arm still in a sling, said that Lesnar has had the option to do anything he desired for and all. He at that point promised that Velasquez would vanquish Lesnar by and by - similarly as he'd done in their UFC conflict in 2010 - and scar the opposite side of his face when the two meet at Crown Jewel on Oct. 31 preceding calling for Lesnar to go to the ring and accomplish things eye to eye.

Lesnar was indicated behind the stage with Paul Heyman, who said Lesnar had "different activities this evening." The group booed boisterously before Heyman uncovered that Lesnar had by and by assaulted Dominick as the camera demonstrated the battered Mysterio child. After a business break, Velasquez and Mysterio were keeping an eye on Dominick as he was being taken a gander at via mentors before Lesnar kept running in and hit both with a garbage can. Lesnar then hit a F-5 on Rey into a divider just as one on Velasquez onto Dominick who was lying on the coach's table.


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