One Direction And Their Best Music Videos (Songs)

No One Can Deny this that One Direction is an Internet Sensation during their time. Every country has its fan base no matter the corner of the world. The five boys stole the heart of almost every girl. It was really confusing for some people in the beginning who is who, let's Know in brief about them before we Introduce you to10 Music videos of  One Direction.  One Direction band originally formed in Reality TV Show X Factor. They lost in the finals in that show but Continued as a band after the show was over.

List Of One Direction Members with their Social Media Handles

1. Harry Styles
Instagram ~ @HarryStyles
Twitter ~ @Harry_Styles

Harry Styles
2. Zayn Malik
Twitter ~ @ZaynMalik
Instagram ~ @Zayn
3. Niall Horan
Twitter ~ @NiallOfficial
Instagram ~ @NiallHoran


4. Louis Tomlinson
Twitter ~ @Louis_Tomlinson
Instagram ~ @LouisT91
5. Liam Payne 
Twitter ~ @LiamPayne
Instagram ~ @LiamPayne


10 Best Videos Of One Direction According to or research are As Follow, There is no countdown, Each and Every Music Video is Best

1. Little Things (2012)
Album: Take Me Home


2.  You & I  (2014)
Album: Midnight Memories

3. Best Song Ever (2013)
Album: Midnight Memories

4.   Drag Me Down (2015)
Album: Made In The AM

5. What Makes You Beautiful
Album: Up All Night 

6. Perfect (2015)
Album: Made In The AM  

7. One Thing (2012)
Album: Up All Night

8. Story Of My Life (2013)
Album: Midnight Memories

9. They Don't Know About Us (2014)
Album: Take Me Home  

10. 18 (2014)
Album: Four 

One Direction On Its 10th Anniversary Releases Auto-Generated Music 
You can find out this on All Music Streaming Platforms


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