Bernie Sanders running for US President 2020

Bernie Sanders announces through his Twitter and Instagram post that he will be running for US President 2020.
An energetic dynamic who grasps proposition extending from Medicare for All to free school educational cost, Sanders staggered the Democratic foundation in 2016 with his lively test to Hillary Clinton. While she, at last, turned into the gathering's chosen one, his battle helped lay the preparation for the leftward reel that has ruled Democratic legislative issues in the Trump time. 

Here is Bernie Announcing  through his Youtube Account

Bernie Sanders is 77 years old and hails from Brooklyn, New York. Bernie has raised more than 3.3 Million Dollars after this Announcement.
The inquiry now for Sanders is whether he can hang out in a jam-packed field of Democratic presidential applicants who likewise grasp a considerable lot of his approach thoughts and are fresher to the national political stage. That is far not quite the same as 2016 when he was Clinton's solitary dynamic foe.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

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