Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Wanna update with your Mobile? Here are the Best Options available in the Market

This is the time having a phone for a way too long is not cool as Technology is growing at tremendous speed, Its time for you also to be updated with it for a better lifestyle and much more.

Here are the best mobile options for you in your Budget

Best phones under 8 K

1.  Samsung J2

If you are a student and have a low Budget and wanna invest only in brands then this mobile can Turn out a really good option for you,
with super AMOLED display and 4g network, It can do tasks and entertainment for you to the next level.

It's available online and in Market for around 6k-8k

You can check all the details here below


2. Redmi 5a

Another great option for low budget peeps is Redmi 5a

3. Vivo y5 3i is also good Option under 10K Phones

Best phones Above 10K

1. Samsung J6
 With 16 GB ROM and 3GB RAM
This device can do everything for you

Amazon Link

2. Vivo V9 is also a good option for you if you have a little low budget, For students, this phone can turn out a beast.

3. One Plus 6 is now at top of  Growing Indian's premium segment

It has surpassed the Apple and Samsung