Wednesday, 28 March 2018

No more Hookkah Parlours In Maharashtra

On 17th March 2018, Currently Led Government Of Maharashtra Presented an Amendment to be Hokkah Parlours to be legally prohibited in Maharashtra. Also, the Amendment bill proposes a base age for passage to bars, a base separation from open foundations and new permitting standards to manage bars working illicitly. Also, three months before Kamla Mills in Maharashtra killed 14 People and Injured 17 which was later found that it was because of Hookah. 

No More Hookah In Maharashtra

Contravention will include Maximum jail of 3 years and Fine up to 1 Lakh or more.

Keeping in mind that Gujrat also banned Hukkah in February. The Gujrat amendment includes maximum jail of 3 years and 50,000 Rupees. 

Cops of the rank of collaborator police reviewer or more have been conceded the ability to seize materials utilized for running hookah bars Illegally. With Wednesday being the last day of the continuous session, the treasury seat is pushing for a smooth section of the Bill.