Thursday, 22 March 2018

Today's Google Doodle Katsuko Saruhashi's 98th Birthday, Lets know more about her

Katsuko Saruhashi

The present Google Doodle observes Japanese geochemist Katsuko Saruhashi, whose examination uncovered the slippery spread of radioactive aftermath from the US atomic proving ground in the Pacific. On the off chance that she was as yet alive, today would have been her 98th birthday celebration.

She was the first woman to receive Ph.D. in Chemistry in Japan. She made a portion of the primary estimations of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in seawater.

Katsuko Saruhashi made some historic revelations as a geochemist. She built up her own estimating table named Saruhashi's Table to decide the amount of carbonic corrosive in water, in view of temperature, pH level and chlorinity. Katstuko Saruhashi Encouraged several women to join Science.

She founded the Saruhashi Prize, granted yearly since 1981, for exceptional Japanese lady scientists.

In 2007 at her home, She died due to Pneumonia.